It is hard to lose fat if you don't how the human body makes, stores and uses fat. Losing fat requires disipline.

 What should I do to lose fat

You do not have to be an exercising freak to lose excess body fat. It is important to note that you must have had some food before you begin excersing. Ones the body has some food, it knows that there is no danger to lose fat. On the contrary, if you do not have anything then the body starts to protect itself and starts to prevent the loss of fat.

 For example some people tend to fast or avoid eating. What they do not realize is that, the body starts to preserve itself. This means that it knows you are or have been avoiding food and it knows that without food you wont go for long. So it starts a reverse process to counter this. Instead of losing fat it tends to save it. This is the reason why you need to eat something before you do dome physical activity.

 Controlling what you eat

Eating can be addictive. In order to lose fat, it is important that you try to have small meals rather than having big meals 3 times a day.


Try not to eat to the point where you feel full. Instead try and cut down on the quantitiy.

Always try to have a balanced meal. Most choice of meals nowadays push a lot carbohydrates like rice, patatoes, bread. Try to cut down on carbs and have more fruits and protein.


Try and get into some form of exercise. Brisk walking 30mins  a day helps. As mentioned earlier, have something to eat say 1.5 to 2 hours earlier. Wheet Bix is good even an hour before.

So when you exercise, your body needs energy and it starts to use up the energy stored as fat in your body.

You are going to lose more calories if you work against gravity. That is if you are walking, it is better that you walk up  a slope. Compare to flat area, you are likely to lose more fat.

Using bigger musles also helps you to lose fat easier. for examples, squatting helps you to target the thigh muscles.

To lose fat, you do not need to do an intense workout like a body builder. That sort of exercise is for building muscels and stamina. For losing fat, you just need to make sure you burn calories. Aerobics and light exercises help to achieve this without putting severe pressure on you muscles or joints.




Medicines. Of course there are a lot of over the counter medications that help in losing fat quicker. Visit your nearest chemist and have a look at these. Consult your GP as well before taking as it might clash with any other medications that you may be already on.


Cofee. It helps to have coffee before you have your exercise. The fat burns at a faster rate. Be carefull however as excess coffee can thin out your blood.

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